Ben brings great energy and enthusiasm to every project he shoots together with a wealth of experience gained from a full and varied career in the camera department . Having assisted with various renowned directors and DOPs such as Tarsem , Jake Scott , Peter Thwaites , John Mathieson and George Lucas , Ben went on to achieve great success of his own . He has produced award winning work in a variety of fields in many countries .

Ben has been settled in Barcelona for over 10 years and works locally from both there and London .




Frank Adam  Toon Aerts  Russell Appleford  Calle Astrand  Joanna Bailey Nicholas Barker  Mikal Baumbruck Anthony Burrill  Russell Bates  Steve Bendelack  Stewart Bateup  Dom Bridges  Domonic Brigstocke  Tim Brown Miranda Bowen  Big tv  Jonny Campbell  Tim Canty  Matt Carter  Peter Catanio Simon Cheek   Richard Clarke   Johan Corbrazon   MJ Delaney   Theo Delaney Martha Delap  Mark Denton  Damien O'Donnell  Helen Downing   Niall Downing Paul Gay   David Garfath   Belen Gayan   Sandra Goldbacher  Steve Green Jonathan Greenhalgh    brad hasse   John Hayes  James Howorth  John Hardwick  Jason Harrington  2 Big Eyes  Blac ionica  Joel and Jamie  Adam Johnson  Marcus Jones  Nick Jones  JJ Keith  Elliott Lester  Andrea Kapos  Jon Levine  Simon Levine David Lodge  Declan Lowney   Jonathon Lovekin  Christian Lyngbe   Peluca   Guy Manwaring   Andy Margetson   Toby Macdonald   Trevor Melvin   Kate Moross Ed Morris   Betsan Morris Evans   Mark Mylod   Chis Mudge   Eliot Naftalin Simon Neal   Omid Nooshin   Jackie Oudney    Steve Reeves  Sid Roberson  Susie Roberson   Chris Sainsbury    Pete Salmi   Ed Sayers   Keith Schofield   Ian Sciacaluga    Shearer    Jeff stark   Mike Stephenson    Ben Tonge   Alex Turner   Frank  Todaro  Kevin Thomas   Jorn Threlfall   Tom Vaughan   Christofer Vibenius   Eric Van  Wyk   Malcolm Venville   Jim Weedon    Paul Weiland    Michael Wright    Dan Zeff   



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